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Published on December 20th, 2016 | by De Haas


The Finnish view on why the Waldorf movement needs ECSWE

Why do we need ECSWE?

by Outi Rousu

Steinerkasvatuksen liitto (Federation for Steiner Waldorf Education in Finland) has always been member of ECSWE, but still today we notice that our colleagues in Waldorf schools do not know what ECSWE is, how it differs from the International Forum, and whether it is useful to be member of any international Waldorf organization. In order to give some answers to our Finnish colleagues, I wrote some bullet points on the issue and these were published in Finnish Steinerkasvatus-magazine last May. Some other federations might have similar issues or not. These can be freely communicated, if useful.

We need ECSWE because:

  • ECSWE represents 700 Waldorf schools in 25 countries.
  • It upholds the standards for Waldorf education and the right to use of the Waldorf name for Waldorf schools in Europe.
  • It owns the trademark of the EPC-Folder. EPC or European Portfolio Certificate was developed as part of an EU-project by different Waldorf schools and offers an opportunity for a Waldorf student to showcase many different kinds of learning.
  • The ECSWE team carries out surveys and collects information on Waldorf schools and Kindergartens in Europe – alternative assessment and statistic data are collected and possibly used for further development and PR.
  • Georg Jürgens from the ECSWE office in Bruxelles studies the evolution of European soft law. This is useful as we can all be prepared and will thus not be surprised by developments in the field of education in Europe.
  • ECSWE has developed a network of other associations that are also lobbying against multinational and monocultural forms of education such as effe, The European Forum for Freedom in Education or Universal Learning Foundation or Learning for Well-being.
  • ECSWE organizes events for important current issues such as Assessment or Digital Media in Education in order to have conversation with local authorities, legislators and university researchers.
  • It is a European platform for discussions about Waldorf education.

Outi Rousu
Board member of Federation for Steiner Waldorf Education in Finland
ECSWE representative

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